How to keep pupils and staff safe from Viruses?

The Summer Holidays are now underway, this is a great time to assess your school’s readiness for September.

With all children returning to school in the new school year, I have highlighted some areas which will help you keep our children and your staff safe.

Welcoming Staff and Children into the School Environment.

Prepare your entrance. Parents, staff and your pupils need to be aware of procedures in place. Do you have a new one-way system, are parents required to wear masks for dropping off and collection?

The Importance of Signage.

Parents, staff and your pupils need to be aware of procedures in place. Signage is one of the most effective ways to get the message across. This may be a banner displayed on your school fence, signs mounted on walls or graphics on the floor.

Make sure your signs are suitable for your audience.

For your pupils, make your signs colourful and engaging. Some of your younger pupils will not be able to read so include simple images or even create characters that they can follow.

For staff and parents, keep your messages clear and to the point. Use no more than two main colours in your design.

Messages to think about. Do you have staggered drop-off and collection times? Are visitors allowed in the School building? Encouraging children not to touch their mouths, eyes and noses.

You may have introduced new collection points for different year groups. Point people in the right direction with Way Finding Signs, these can be colourful Finger Post Signs or Wall Mounted Signs.

Keeping Hands Clean

Children love getting their hands dirty, this can bring in viruses and bacteria.

Minimise the risk of viruses spreading by installing Hand Washing Stations at each entrance and exit point.

Having Hand Sanitiser is a quick and easy way of getting rid of any viruses or bacteria, with no need for water or paper towels. Wall Mounted and floor standing dispensers make it easy for pupils to use will little waste or mess.

Keeping ‘Bubbles’ apart

Support Bubbles are now going to be a part of the school day. This could be an entire year group or a maximum number of pupils and staff.

Line Marking Tape is a great way for marking areas, available in a range of colours, you can have a colour for each ‘bubble’. You can separate areas for play or this could also help at lunch times, marking out table areas.

Placing simple ticks and crosses in seating areas clearly show which chairs are not in use. Having just a symbol is easy to understand.

As a parent myself, I am looking forward to my child returning to school. Schools have done an amazing job throughout the pandemic and I hope these suggestions will help you get ready to welcome all of our children in September and continue the amazing work you do.