How to Use Wet Wipe and Waterproof Chalkboard Pens

Video Transcript
Welcome to BHMA Limited. This video will show you the difference between our types of chalkboard pens.

Firstly, our Posterman Pens. Posterman pens are waterproof, so ideal to use outside in all weathers. Available in multi colour packs in 15mm or 6mm nib sizes. Posterman waterproof pens have a white barrel.

Posterman waterproof are also available with a very wide nib for use on large signs or windows. These are called Biggie 50s.

There are many colours to choose from in the Biggie 50 Posterman Waterproof range.

Woodcraft is another waterproof chalkboard pen, originally designed for the craft market. The colour range is much wider than the Posterman, but the ink is the same.

The ones pictured here have a 15mm nib, Woodcraft are also great for window advertising.

As for Posterman, there is also a smaller nib size which is 6mm. Available in 46 different colours. Just imagine the fun you can have with these!

Now we will look at the wet wipe range, firstly, Illumigraph.

Available in all white or an assorted pack of mixed colours. There are two nib sizes in the wet wipe Illumigraph range, 15mm or 6mm.

Posterman have a wet-wipe pen also. The difference to the look of the wet wipe pen to the waterproof pen is the colour of the barrel; wet wipe have a black barrel. The Posterman wet wipe are a much stronger colour than the Illumigraph.

The removal of wet wipe pens is simple; just use a damp cloth.

You can see the Posterman and the Illumigraph both wipe off of a non-porous surface easily.

You will also see that the Posterman and the Woodcraft don’t come off with a damp cloth.

However, if you want to remove either Posterman waterproof, or Woodcraft pens you need BHMA Eazikleen.

You can spray the cloth and wipe it off, but it’s much quicker if you spray the ink directly, leave for about 10 seconds and wipe away with a clean damp cloth.

When the chalkboard is dry it is ready to be used again. Hopefully this demonstration enabled you to see how easily it is to remove both wet wipe and waterproof pens from a non-porous chalkboard.

Please follow this link to see our range of chalkpens and associated products.

Thanks for watching.

Patrick Huggins, Director for BHMA Limited.

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Article by Nikki Slade, Sales Director at BHMA.

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