How to Create a Beer and Wine Bottle Display to Increase Impulse Purchasing

Video Transcript

Welcome to BHMA Limited.

Using the BHMA acrylic bottle merchandiser you can turn a pile of bottles into a display that will prompt impulse sales from your customers.

Patrick will demonstrate. Put six bottles in a circle with one bottle in the centre, slot over the large acrylic bottle merchandiser until it fits onto the necks of all the bottles. It will sit comfortably on the shoulders of the bottles.

Then, add five more bottles with the first at the front. A little tidy up and then pop over the small acrylic bottle merchandiser. Add a couple more bottles to the top, and voila.

Now, using the same acrylic bottle merchandiser you will see how versatile the bottle merchandiser really is. It’s great for wine too. Now for the larger one. Seven bottles on the bottom as for the beer bottles, over goes the large acrylic bottle merchandiser, three more bottles of wine on top and you have a great display for your back bar. This will tempt those all-important impulse sales.

You can find more information by following this link to small bottle displays.

Patrick Huggins, Director for BHMA Limited.