Blackboard & Chalk Board Paint – Let’s You Create A Chalkboard Anywhere!

Video Transcript

How to make a chalkboard anywhere
Welcome to BHMA. Today we are going to show you ‘How to’ make a chalkboard anywhere, using Blackfriar paint supplied by BHMA. WE have chosen a wallpapered wall to show a blackboard can literally be anywhere.

Patrick Shows the tools necessary. Some blackboard paint, some masking tape, used to form the outline, and a roller and tray. Sponge rollers are best, they give a nice even texture to the paint.

The wall is being measured to ensure the blackboard will be the right size and nice and level.

Apply the masking tape to form a square, or indeed any other shape you fancy.

Pour some of the blackboard paint into the roller tray, making sure not to drip onto anything that might matter. Wipe the edge of the tin with a cloth, paper is best, and then dispose of that.

Prime the roller with the blackboard paint, and off you go! Perhaps not quite so quick as this ‘speedy version’. Once the whole area is covered, even out the paint with some even light pressure strokes in both directions. Once you are happy it looks good, remove the masking tape whilst the paint is still wet.

Watching paint dry can be boring so, whilst that is happening in the background we will paint a heart on a wine bottle, that can be used as a table number in a restaurant.

Firstly cover the area with some masking tape, and draw on a shape with a pen.

Use a sharp craft knife to cut out your shape, and then simply apply the paint with your roller.

Pull off the masking tape to leave your blackboard shape, and leave that to dry.

To make your shape stand out, you can outline it with a blackboard pen.

Add a table number, and not its ready to start its life as a table number in a restaurant, perhaps with a candle in the top.

Our chalkboard on the wall is now dry. Watch how simple it is to plan a message using a chinese white pencil from BHMA.

Using a waterproof posterman pen, write over your pre-planned text, add a shadow for effect, and perhaps a few more touches dependent on your taste.

Once the pens are dry, wipe over the text with a damp cloth. The planning lines will wipe away, and the lettering ‘scribed’ with your blackboard pen will stay on. There are 42 colours to choose from on the BHMA website.

Thanks for watching. Now you can literally put a chalkboard anywhere!

Please follow these links if  you would like blackboard pens, a Chinese white pencil and blackboard paint.

Patrick Huggins, Director for BHMA Limited.

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