Out with The Old & In with The New

For many pubs, bars & restaurants New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest & most profitable days of the year, with customers in and out all day long, New Year’s Eve parties are a brilliant way to encourage families and their friends into your business to celebrate the big night with you and see in the new year.

However, there is nothing worse than putting all of your efforts into creating a great party for no one to turn up. Let’s not let this happen to you this year, we have some great products that will help you with your advertising efforts for New Year’s Eve but can also be re-used throughout the year.


A-Boards & Pavement Signs
You need to make sure you are promoting your party weeks in advance, with the use of A-Boards & Pavement signs, you can personalise them with your own logo, text or even promotional posters. These are a must-have for any pub, bar or restaurant. Simply place them outside of your business and let the public know that you are throwing a party for New Year’s Eve. A good marketing idea would be something like “Free Glass of Champagne for Midnight, Doors close at 11:00pm”. This way you can draw people/customers in by a certain time which gives them a deadline & they will buy drinks for the time they are inside.


Table Talkers
These are a very popular point of sale item as they are easy to update and allow you to get creative. Tabletop chalkboards also provide two viewing sides instead of one so you can promote two separate offers simultaneously. Once your party or offer is over, simply wipe the board off and start again.


Poster Display Frames
Our poster display frames are available in various sizes and colours, they are perfect for placing around and advertising offers & events in your business. On the lead up to Christmas and New Year it will be particularly busier than usual so make sure you take full advantage of the extra footfall and use these poster frames to promote your New Year’s Eve party. A great location to place these display frames is inside of toilet cubicles and above urinals as you will have the persons undivided attention for a few moments.


Christmas Merchandising Kits
We have been creating our very own merchandising kits to help your business increase sales. We have a selection of carefully designed items that are product focused which means we design the display to help you increase sales in that particular area of your business. Simply order one of our displays, open the box, set up the contents as demonstrated on our website and watch the sales come in. One of our most popular selling items has been our Mulled Wine display kit, check it out for yourself here.


Rope Barriers & Red Carpets
Make your guests feel like royalty with our red carpet and rope barriers. These are perfect for your New Year’s Eve party. The rope barriers can be lined up outside of your entrance along with the red carpet or you can create your very own roped-off VIP areas for your special guests. You can go the extra mile by adding some of our Reserved table signs and offering bottle service which you can begin to take bookings for in advance.


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