How would your Business Benefit from a Roller Banner?

Have you ever walked into a shopping centre and seen a man stood there with a clipboard and a big tall sign next to him and he’s trying to sell you some fancy service or insurance you don’t actually need? Or maybe you have gone to the gym and they are advertising their latest offer which will apparently save you money each month if you join now and mention the ad you’ve seen? Well they are all likely to be using a Roller Banner.


Why would they use a Roller Banner? Well they are usually over 6 feet tall and very eye catching, you can print any design or message on them, available in various finishes to catch the attention of your potential customer and if you have a great graphic designer to design you the perfect visuals for your banner you are likely to have a successful campaign.

Whichever way you look at it, Roller Banners, Roll Up Banner, Pull Up Banners, Pop Up Banner Stands or Retractable Banner Stands or whatever you like to call them are a very effective way to engage with people and to get your message across easily.

“Big, Bold and Direct to the Point.”


What is a Roller Banner?

A roller banner is a self-standing, printed graphic panel which rolls into an aluminium spring-loaded base which can be collapsed away in seconds and is very easy to store and transport. And it is a Marketing Essential for any forward-thinking business that would like to raise awareness of the public either by attending tradeshows, promotional events or setting up your own booth at your local shopping centre.


Aren’t they Tacky & Cheap looking?

Not at all, if you go to any exhibition some of best looking display stands are using Roll up banners to catch the attention of people. The banners we have are sturdy and very durable and serve their purpose time after time because they are printed on high quality materials such as vinyl or sometimes even on a polyester fabric. They also have a grey backing to prevent light shining through making it unreadable. All of the colours are very vibrant, authentic and less likely to fade over time due to the printing standards we are required to meet by ISO.


How Much?

Now I bet you are expecting a ridiculous price as they are made so well and serve such a good purpose, Wrong! We have our economy roller banners starting from as little as £59.00 excl. VAT and then we have Mid-range roller banners from £79.00 along with many other premium roller banners that serve various purposes and are available in a variety of sizes.


Are they hard to erect?

No not at all, you don’t need anyone’s help whatsoever. You can get it set up in less than 30 seconds without using any tools.

– Take all of the components out of the carry case and pull out the feet.
– Connect the three-piece collapsible pole together.
– Insert the pole into the hole in the base and make sure it is fully secured.
– Stand behind the banner then gently pull upwards extending the printed panel and do not let go until it is secured into the top of the pole.
– Finally hook the panel onto the top of the pole using the attachment.

Now your roller banner is fully erect, ready to go and to be admired by your potential new customers, its just down to you to make the sale!


Ok, you have convinced me that I need one but how do I order it?

That’s the easy part! Simply head over to or if you prefer the human touch, give us a call on 01353 665141 and a member of our team will be happy to help you, take your order and answer any questions you may have.