How To Display Posters Using LED Light Boxes

Video Transcript

Welcome to BHMA Limited, Today I would like to share, some information about one of the brightest backlit poster display cases available. Its brightness comes from hundreds of LED lamps set at the back of the case.

Traditionally; light boxes are made using standard white fluorescent tubes, which give patches of light. Newer light boxes are edge lit with LED bulbs, these give a halo of light around the edges. This BHMA light box, has an even distribution of

LED bulbs across the entire rear surface. This distributes the light evenly as you will see. Just look at how bright those LED bulbs are!

The BHMA light box is a plug and play unit. Which means you can literally plug it in and its ready for use. It is a 240volt unit, but transformed to a safe low voltage.

Watch how the camera reacts to the light as its switched on.

The LED light box is completely open in this picture. A diffuser panel is added. See how bright and even the light is. Then the poster is added, this is a standard poster, a transparency would be even brighter. Lastly the anti-glare fascia is added.

Once everything is in place the edges can be snapped down.

This is a close up of the 32mm wide frame profile, in its open position.

Please note how neat the corners are when they are closed down.

The BHMA Light box is available in many standard poster sizes. The aluminium frame can be finished in your personal RAL number colour, to ensure it matches your brand or business.

Thank you for watching.

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Patrick Huggins, Director for BHMA Limited.