How can sign fixtures and fittings make a difference to your display?

In today’s day and age we all know that image is everything and what’s classed as trendy is an ever changing thing. It’s very important to make sure you grab your customer’s attention from the very first moment they set eyes on your business and even the finest of details such as your sign fixtures & fittings really do matter. If it’s done right you can have a display that is seamless and will have a flawless finish that will never be untrendy and be sure to catch their eye.

What is it that sets BHMA apart when it comes to fittings?
Well with over 27 years of being securely positioned in the industry, we can safely say that we really do know the industry inside and out. We have a lot of experience in pointing out new trends to our customers along with really understanding what our customers brand is about, their needs and wants and what  their potential customers would be looking for.

We have an extensive catalogue of retail signage solutions for example, our stand-off fixings finished in anodised aluminium is an easy to use wall fixing. Our 13mm is a professional support system that will definitely enhance your sign. These are great when combined with our easy access poster holders or our aluminium, acrylic and chalkboard panels.

These fixtures are all quick and easy to install fixtures and fittings and come with simple step by step instructions on how to install each product.


When would you use one of these fittings?
Our fixtures are commonly used in Estate agents windows to display the latest properties which they have for sale and rent, they can also be used in reception areas, corporate offices, doctors’ surgeries, public spaces, point of sale and retail areas.


Why would you choose this type of fitting and display over anything else?
There are a number of reasons why these are becoming even more and more popular compared to older, less stylish window and wall fixings and fittings.

  1. You can stylishly use your space to display your product, service or latest marketing offer without cluttering it with older and bulkier displays fixtures.
  2. They are easy to install and you can have a modern looking display setup within minutes.
  3. The cost of setting up your new display can be done from as little as £3.70 incl. VAT but at the same time will look very elegant and stylish as we have a variety of high quality finishes and colours to choose from.
  4. You can incorporate LED lights to illuminate your display.
  5. Incorporate smart tablets and LCD screens to your display to offer an interactive experience to your customers or people passing by.


Where can you see the fixtures & fittings market going next?
We have seen many changes in the industry over the last 27 years specially with the speed and the direction that technology is heading, 10 years ago you’d never walk past a shop front and have a smart tablet in the window promoting that businesses latest offer let alone be able to walk in to the shop and fully interact with the business via a smart device.

So as technology evolves and new gadgets are brought out we will be making sure we stay ahead of the trends and getting to grips with the latest products to ensure we can offer our customers with the latest products in sign fixtures and fittings and ways to generate more business for their customers.  We do our very best to make sure our customers are choosing the product that is right for them.


What if a client needs something bespoke?
We offer a fully bespoke service to our customers, so if you have an idea or you can’t find the product you need in our extensive range of products on then you can give us a call on 01353 665141 and a friendly member of our team will be glad to help you and bring your ideas to life.