How Do I Make My Signs Stand Out?

Due to the pandemic, we are displaying more signs than ever before!

Your signs could be displaying social distancing regulations to reassure your customers they are safe visiting your business. They could also be special offers you may have or Menus to draw consumers out and back to your establishment. Whatever you are displaying, it needs to stand out…but for the right reasons!

What is your message and who is your audience?

Before we make your sign stand out, we need to know what message would you like to put across. Is it a menu? Are you advertising an event? Or do you have important information that needs to be displayed?

You then need to decide who your message is aimed at. For example, this could be an age range or it could be an industry. This will affect how you create our artwork.

If your message is aimed at children, make it colourful. Use images as well as text. If you are a school, some of your younger children may not be able to read yet so images will help get your message across.

Are your customers whizzing past? I don’t know about you; but when I am in the supermarket, my aim is to get in and out as quickly as possible, so a notice with a huge essay would not catch my eye at all. A short and to the point message would have more impact, such as ‘Please use Hand Sanitiser Before Entering’ with a symbol.

How are you going to display your sign?

So we know the message, who it is for and have the artwork, next we need to think about how we are going to display the sign and what environment the sign will be used and displayed in. If you are mounting your sign outside, it will need to be printed on a material which is suitable for external use, whereas you can use paper or card inside for a more economical and temporary sign. Some of the more popular materials are:

Flexible PVC – This is a versatile material that can be used for banners and posters. It is perfect for internal and external displays and the thickness determines the type of sign it is used for. I would recommend 440gsm PVC for outdoor printed banners and posters, and at least a 1mm thickness for a standard wall mounted sign.

Aluminium and Dibond – These are perfect for a sign that needs to last a little longer and the message is going to be current for a while. Aluminium can be flexible whereas Dibond is more rigid and preferred in the sign industry for durability. It looks like aluminium on the surface but has a solid polythene centre that is sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium.

Paper & Card – This is really handy when you need to get a message out quickly and it will only be displayed for a short term. Please don’t write your sign by hand as it will give the impression that your business is not professional, why not try our downloadable signs to give a more polished appearance. Remember paper and card will go soggy in the rain so it’s best for internal displays.

How to make your signs stand out

Once you have your sign prominently displayed how can you make it get noticed?

Think about the seasons! We are heading into Autumn and Winter, so it will start to get dark earlier, straightaway this makes me think of illumination! There are a number of ways you can illuminate your sign and catch your customers attention, the more popular options are:

Lightboxes – these illuminate your posters from behind, making your poster much brighter and more visible. For internal use, a Snap Frame Lightbox is a great solution and enables you to change your displays quickly if needed by simply snapping open the frame. For external use, Coloured Outdoor LED Light Boxes can be used and they are available in a range of colours to suit any business. Great for shops, leisure centres, bowling alleys and more.

Menu Cases – these illuminate from their sides, highlighting the contents. You will have seen illuminated menu cases outside many restaurants however these cases are not just for menus. There are many designs, colours and sizes for a multitude of uses. Maybe you are looking for something a little trendy and upmarket? Then the Copper Menu Case is the ideal candidate! Copper is bang on trend at the moment and will definitely catch the attention of most bystanders. If you are a little narrow on space then one of our sleek free-standing cases is just the job, with their small footprint they don’t take up very much space and have very little impact on a walkway or entrance.

White Flashing LED’s – these are a completely different way of adding illumination to your designs. Placing single LED bulbs through carefully placed holes in your artwork can create stunning features. Great for seasonal artwork for Christmas, New Years or Bonfire Night. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed!

In the current climate, you are probably displaying important information regarding government regulations; so it is vital your customers notice your signage. Some will be more important than others, some inside, some outside! I hope this guide helps to get your messages noticed and if you would like any further advice please give our sales team a call on 01353 665141, they are always happy to help.

How to keep pupils and staff safe from Viruses?

The Summer Holidays are now underway, this is a great time to assess your school’s readiness for September.

With all children returning to school in the new school year, I have highlighted some areas which will help you keep our children and your staff safe.

Welcoming Staff and Children into the School Environment.

Prepare your entrance. Parents, staff and your pupils need to be aware of procedures in place. Do you have a new one-way system, are parents required to wear masks for dropping off and collection?

The Importance of Signage.

Parents, staff and your pupils need to be aware of procedures in place. Signage is one of the most effective ways to get the message across. This may be a banner displayed on your school fence, signs mounted on walls or graphics on the floor.

Make sure your signs are suitable for your audience.

For your pupils, make your signs colourful and engaging. Some of your younger pupils will not be able to read so include simple images or even create characters that they can follow.

For staff and parents, keep your messages clear and to the point. Use no more than two main colours in your design.

Messages to think about. Do you have staggered drop-off and collection times? Are visitors allowed in the School building? Encouraging children not to touch their mouths, eyes and noses.

You may have introduced new collection points for different year groups. Point people in the right direction with Way Finding Signs, these can be colourful Finger Post Signs or Wall Mounted Signs.

Keeping Hands Clean

Children love getting their hands dirty, this can bring in viruses and bacteria.

Minimise the risk of viruses spreading by installing Hand Washing Stations at each entrance and exit point.

Having Hand Sanitiser is a quick and easy way of getting rid of any viruses or bacteria, with no need for water or paper towels. Wall Mounted and floor standing dispensers make it easy for pupils to use will little waste or mess.

Keeping ‘Bubbles’ apart

Support Bubbles are now going to be a part of the school day. This could be an entire year group or a maximum number of pupils and staff.

Line Marking Tape is a great way for marking areas, available in a range of colours, you can have a colour for each ‘bubble’. You can separate areas for play or this could also help at lunch times, marking out table areas.

Placing simple ticks and crosses in seating areas clearly show which chairs are not in use. Having just a symbol is easy to understand.

As a parent myself, I am looking forward to my child returning to school. Schools have done an amazing job throughout the pandemic and I hope these suggestions will help you get ready to welcome all of our children in September and continue the amazing work you do.