Our Banners Just Got Cheaper!!! £2.00 Per Square Foot*

Our banners are digitally printed using the latest large format PVC printers. These large format digital printers allow the banners to be unique and personalised whilst being very cost-effective.

We print with UV-based inks onto our standard banner-grade material of 440gsm Vinyl, making our banners completely weather-proof , strong and durable to withstand prolonged outdoor use. Our banners are perfect for birthdays, parties, corporate events, street campaigns/events, sporting events, advertising, etc.

We also print onto premium 720gsm material for double sided banners, 340gsm Mesh PVC for building wraps and you can choose to have your banner finished in numerous ways.

As standard, we finish with hems and eyelets which allows for easy securing of the banner, as well as the extra strength around the edges, although another popular finish is to sew the edge of the banner over to form a sleeve in which a pole can be inserted. We also supply freestanding banner frames for mounting you banner

Banner Frames

We have finished banners in all shapes and sizes, from triangles to circles, to cutting arch-ways for people to walk-though. If you have a project with a finish that is a bit more specialised, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

*Excluding VAT and Carraiage

Article by Nikki Slade, Sales Director at BHMA.



Create VIP Areas With Rope Stands

Gold Rope StandsThe Olympics may be a distant memory but our Gold Rope Stands aren’t! BHMA were proud suppliers to London 2012 and have seen high demand ever since, so we have them available for next day delivery for our valued customers.

Rope Stands are perfect for creating VIP areas, and controlling queues and crowds, ensuring your guests venture where you would like them to and not where they would!

Rope Stands are available in gold to offer the look of brass but without the price (and the cleaning!) and also in polished chrome, both are available with matching twisted and velvet ropes and suitable for internal and external use.

Make sure you don’t let the side down and order yours today!

Article by Nikki Slade, Sales Director at BHMA.

Create Festive Signs with our Christmas Chalkpens!

To celebrate the yuletide season we have put together a selection of Christmas Coloured Chalkboard Pens!


Each pack contains 2 red, 2 green, 2 gold and 2 silver pens to get you in the festive mood for only £11.90 per pack (+vat).  Combine our festive colour collection with the 46 colours from our Pick ‘n’ Mix Chalkpen selection and let your imagination do the rest.

Order yours today and bring in the Christmas crowds!

Article by Nikki Slade, Sales Director at BHMA.

The History of the Blackboard Chalk Board

Blackboards-Chalkboards of different sizes

The blackboard was invented by James Pillans, headmaster of the Royal High School in Scotland. He used it with colored chalk to teach geography.

The chalkboard/blackboard was in use in Indian schools in the 11th century as per Alberuni’s Indica (Tarikh Al-Hind), written in the early 11th century. They used black slate tablets for the children in the schools, and wrote on them like we writon on our books today. They used calcium sulphate (chalk) as we would have done before the explosion of the chalkboard pen.

The term “blackboard” dates from around 1815 to 1825 while the newer and predominantly American term, “chalkboard” dates from 1935 to 1940.

The chalkboard was introduced into the US education system in 1801.

Compared to Whiteboards chalkboards have a variety of advantages:

  • Chalk requires no special care; whiteboard markers must be capped or else they dry out.
  • Chalk is much cheaper than whiteboard markers.
  • It is easier to draw lines of different thicknesses with chalk than it is with whiteboard markers.
  • Chalk has a no smell, whereas whiteboard markers often have a pungent odour.
  • Chalk writing often provides better contrast than whiteboard markers, which helps people read at a distance.

Patrick Huggins – Director

A-Boards & Pavement Signs


Swinger Pavement Sign

Swinger Pavement Sign

A-boards and pavement signs are a great way of advertising your promotions but choosing one can be a little daunting. The first thing to recognise is the purpose that you need your a-board for, is it permanent advertising sign, to display a poster or for you to write a message or a combination!

Our Swinger Pavement Signs can be digitally printed in full colour on both sides, which enables you to display a permanent message, this type of sign is very versatile and suitable for all types of business from hairdressers to garages! The swinging ability of the sign ensures it is suitable for windy locations and will get noticed.

Our popular and most economic poster holder a-board is our Snap Frame A-board, which is lightweight and easily transportable making this a-frame perfect for exhibitions, indoor advertising and outside in sheltered locations. If you need something a little more substantial then our Swinger Poster Holders are perfect for the job. They can be filled with water or sand to ensure stability, the poster holder itself ‘swings’ in the wind and therefore this pavement sign can be used in many locations and is a popular sign for most high street stores.

Snap Frame A Board

Snap Frame A Board

If it’s a chalkboard pavement sign that you are looking for then the decision has to be the price! Our A1 Chalkboard A-board is perfect if you need something durable, looks clean, smart and won’t break the bank! This a-board is available in A1 size, is suitable for chalk and chalk pens and is perfect for cafes, restaurants, greengrocers and butchers.

You can also combine the two and have a pavement sign that is a chalkboard, holds a poster and has your name or logo at the top! This is available with a lockable poster frame or snap frame, both boards are suitable for all locations, extremely weather resistant, have the ability to be sand bagged and personalised with your logo or business name.

When you are not advertising with a poster, simply write your offeron the chalkboard with either chalkboard pens or traditional chalk, this will always ensure your message is fresh and will get noticed! I hope this has helped you choose your pavement sign, however if you need any further help please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01353 665141.

50mm Biggie Liquid Chalk Pens

Biggie Chalkpens

Now stocking Biggie 50′s for next day delivery.

Our Biggie Chalkpens are hugely popular offering a highly opaque, lightfast and waterproof solution to your advertising.  They are most effective on surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal; and produce a chalk look without a chalk mess.

Our Biggie 50 has a 50mm (2″) nib, works exceptionally well on windows and can be removed using our fabulous EaziKleen.  Our pens are widely  used in butchers, garages and supermarkets; with some classy artwork, the Biggie 50 will make your business stand out from the rest!

Our Biggie 50′s are available in a choice of 11 colours and sold individually for you to pick and mix.

Black is the new silver!

Black Snap Frame

We have been stocking our black snap frames for quite some years but something has changed – they are flying out the door like never before!

Black is definitely the new silver!

We have increased supply to meet demand, trying to always stay one step ahead, so you can contine to order as usual knowing we will fulfil our next day delivery promise on all orders placed before 12 noon.

With prices starting from as little as £4.18 you can afford to keep up with the trend!

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