Can Signs Save Lives This Summer?


Last year, 255 people accidentally drowned in this country with many of those victims diving into lakes, flooded quarries and the sea.

We have recently had an incredibly hot few weeks with temperatures reaching in excess of 37 °C, and it is perfectly natural that we all want to go for a swim to cool down in this scorching weather. As this beautiful British summer continues and the August school holidays are in full swing, the danger continues with the possibility of more deaths. 

This could be children and teenagers or in fact anybody that simply falls in by mistake, so it is very important that we take full advantage of using the correct signage that could help save someone’s life. It is never too late to implement signage to highlight the risks and dangers. For example quarry owners should ensure flooded areas have signage in place warning of potential dangers and restricting access; failure to meet that responsibility could leave them open to a lawsuit if there is an accident on the property.

We all know that quarries seem very inviting on a hot summers day, but there are many reasons why swimming in them is very dangerous and this needs to be highlighted:

          Deep water

          Cold water

          Submerged abandoned machinery & car wrecks

          Hidden currents and tunnels

          Submerged plants



All of these dangers can be emphasised with correct signage.


The H&S industry is worth around £855m a year in the UK, which is great for sign maker’s, however only 20% of companies have taken up the regulations fully which is a little concerning when you think that 80% are not compliant. How many other people could potentially be at risk of losing their lives, and not just from swimming? Please act on this now.


If you feel you could help save peoples lives by having the correct signage displayed on your land, property and business, please visit to shop our extensive catalogue of Health and Safety signage or feel free to give us a call on 01353 665141 and a member of our team will be happy to help you with your signage.