Why pay for condiment holders?

condiment holders
Are you feeling left behind with major establishments displaying their condiments in fancy holders? Are you wondering why they are spending their profits when a bowl will do the same job!

If this is you then you are missing a trick. A premium brand of sauce displayed in a good looking holder will give your customers the perception that your establishment serves premium quality food.

Everybody knows that Heinz is the daddy of all sauces and as such will put a smile on your customers faces if they see a well know recognised brand, alternatively locally sourced condiments are also a winner. Stokes is an up and coming winning brand who use ‘real food ingredients for a real food flavour’, they are well packaged and are perfect if your menu features locally sourced produce.

Unless your business is the greasy spoon down the road you will not get away with placing jars and bottles on the tables, you will need a holder that fits your brand and enhances your condiments.

Condiment holders or caddies as they are sometimes referred to come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours. You can opt to have your logo printed or engraved on the front for maximum brand awareness, something that I would always recommend if budget allows, remember brand promotion equals brand awareness and familiarity which equals success!

Before purchasing your condiment holder you need to work out what type of holder is required. When your customers place an order do they order at the bar or at the table? For orders placed at the bar it is a good idea to offer condiments that can be carried to the table, this allows you to hand out the correct amount of cutlery and ensure your condiment bottles are always wiped clean and well presented. With this in mind you will need to choose a holder that is not too large (but large enough to house your sauces, cutlery and serviettes) and is easy to carry (preferably with a handle).

For table service the world is your oyster! You can choose any style that suits your décor and brand. You could choose a rustic crate type appearance to blend with a vintage themed interior and locally sourced produce or for a more contemporary look why not choose metal bucket, these can be partnered with a smaller bucket for serving fries.

If you are struggling to choose the best condiment caddy for your business, then please give us a call on 01353 665141, we have years of experience and know what will work for you and your business.