Why do the clocks go back?

clocks go back

October 25th at 2am will see the end to our British Summer Time, this means you will have a shorter clubbing session but on the positive side you will get an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning to push out the zeds, but why do we do this?

William Willett originally came up with the idea in 1907. He wanted to stop people from wasting too much time in bed on a summer morning and published a leaflet called, The Waste of Daylight. William devoted much of his life to trying to convince people that it was a good scheme but sadly died of influenza in 1915, aged 58 before his idea took off.

It was the Germans who finally adopted the plan on April 30, 1916, when they set their clocks forward an hour to 11pm and Britain was quick to follow and brought Daylight Saving into effect just a month later on May 21.

Now, the clocks change at 2am as it is considered the least disruptive time of day, but what else does the clock change bring? Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas & New Year!

It’s not all doom and gloom it’s a first class time for marketing! Everybody loves the first time the woolly pully goes on, the first real fire, the first hot chocolate of the season, it’s a comforting time; make sure your business is promoting the good things in life.

Holler about your Halloween event, chalk up your blackboards and start advertising. This day and age it is never too soon to start chatting about Christmas; make sure your promotions can be seen, locate a table top chalkboard near the fireplace (it’s always a good focal point) make sure you stand an easel and blackboard near the entrance (how can it not be noticed!).

Don’t forget your outside advertising; hang printed banners to promote your seasonal events and proudly display your a-board, remember this is one time of the year you don’t need to concern yourself with what the weather is doing!

Fear not if you are a hot blooded summer lover at heart, the clocks go forward again at 1am on Sunday, March 27, 2016!