How to Order Acrylic Letters for Signs.

letters for signsSo you have taken the plunge and decided to order some plastic letters to make your business sign outside on the wall or above your window, next stop Google; And this is where the fun starts!

There are a multitude of companies who manufacture and supply letters to traders, professional sign companies and sign installation companies, but when it comes to fitting the letters yourself they like to keep the fixing instructions a secret.

We at BHMA believe the job is so easy you can do it yourself at a snip of the price, the only problem is knowing what you want, in what font (what’s that I hear you cry) and how big you want them, so I’ve put together a little guide to make it as easy as ABC, please read on.

First step is deciding if you would like your company logo emblazoned on your wall (we’ll call it a wall for simplicity but you can fix our letters anywhere!) or whether you would prefer the name of your business in plain ole simple writing, or both!

Logo’s are a little trickier and we will need to quote for these as I’m sure you can appreciate they are all so very different some have pictures (yes we can do those too), some have many colours and many different shapes and sizes, so if this is what you would prefer please drop us an email ( with your logo and requirements and we will be in touch with a price.

If you have chosen your message or business name to appear in standard writing you will need to know the basics to place an order, these consist of the following;

1. What do you want the letters to read? – This isn’t always as easy as you think, for example if your business is called ‘Jewels’ it may be wise to add the fact that it is an Indian restaurant too!

2. What colour would you like them? – Choose contrasting colours not necessarily your company colours. Think about what the letters are being fixed to, for example if you have a white background, darker colours will be more visible. Gold and Silver are the most popular colours but I would strongly recommend against using these on a light background.

3. What style of writing (font) would you like? – This is an easy one! Simply fire up your computer and load Microsoft Word. Type your message or business name which will be displayed in Calibri by default, to change this simply change pick a different one from the drop down menu at the top.  When you like the style of the writing, check to see which font you have chosen, this is the font name that you will need to enter in your order. We can cut our letters from any standard font.

4. What size do you need? – This is probably the trickiest of them all. If you have an open space like a wall without restrictions then you can order whatever size you think will stand out, however if you are fixing your letters to a signboard above a shop you will need a little help if you have a lot of letters, unless you excel with a tape measure it may be better to give us a call.  All we will need to know is the size of your signboard, your chosen font and your wording, we will quickly be able to draw this on our computer and advise what size fits best in your space.

5. Template & Stand Off Fixings Required? We offer this service free of charge with all of our flat cut acrylic (plastic) letters.  The fixings are designed to raise the letters from the wall almost offering a 3D effect and the template is your guide for installation, unless you have done this before I would strongly recommend you have a template!

So we’ve covered the basics and the above applies to all of our sign letters, the only other choice you have to make is how thick you need them or if you would prefer metal!

Thickness offers durability, we offer three thickness’ in our acrylic range, 3mm, 5mm and 10mm, obviously the larger the letter the thicker it should be for longevity, but our 3mm letters are perfect for smaller sizes and signs of a more temporary nature. If it’s a luxury image you’re after then the thicker the letter the better the look depending on your budget of course!

In our metal (aluminium) range we use what is called a composite material, this basically is an acrylic sandwich! Two pieces of aluminium with an acrylic middle, this strengthens the aluminium (which is a very soft metal) and makes it perfect for all signage use. Aluminium on its’ own would be far too flimsy and this also give us the opportunity to offer the aluminium composite in copper, gold and silver.

And that’s it in a nutshell! Don’t worry if this all seems a little daunting just give us a call, we will happily guide you through the process on our website or do the whole thing for you and take your order over the phone. We are here to help you, we want to make sure your sign looks fabulous so please call us 01353 665141, we look forward to chatting with you soon 🙂