How to Choose the Right A-board Pavement Sign for You!


Sometimes choosing the right pavement a-board sign can be a daunting challenge! Should you opt for a poster holder, a chalkboard or even a swinger?

Hopefully we can iron out some of the wrinkles and make the whole process an enjoyable one!

One of the first questions to ask yourself is what would you like your sign to do for you? Bring in more customers, give directions, advertise your products or provide health and safety information. Your answer will indicate whether you need a sign that you are able to update and change or whether it will have a fixed permanent message.

Location is next! Where will your pavement sign be situated? On a high street, on a windy roadside, a garage forecourt or perhaps a shopping centre. Weather and environment will affect the longevity and success of your correctly chosen pavement sign and needs to be taken into consideration. A high street will need a slimmer perhaps smaller sign allowing pedestrians to manoeuvre, whereas a swinger sign would suit a windy roadside location perfectly.

Weight is also a very important factor that is often forgotten about.  Will you need to bring your sign in at the end of the day? If so it will need to be lightweight enough to move but sturdy enough to withstand the elements of mother nature, the larger water-filled signs are great for this situation. If your pavement sign will remain outside permanently then the heavier the better!

The last but most certainly not least decision you will need to arrive at is style. Your sign will represents your brand and business, it will be the first thing a customer sees and therefore must be a true representation of your business and ethics. If you have a woodland café then a metal sign just, will not, cut the mustard, only a rustic traditional wooden a-board would suffice, and we have a good range of those to choose from.

I hope the above key points will help you arrive at the perfect a-board pavement sign for you, however if you need some specific advice please don’t hesitate to log on to our live chat or give us a call on 01353 665141, we will be happy to share our knowledge with you 🙂

A welcome boost for Wales

happy st davids day

Patriotic shoppers will be preparing for the upcoming celebration of their patron saint St. David on the 1st of March. This annual event will see sales in Welsh food & produce increase by 150%, are you missing a trick?

St David plays a very important role in Welsh culture and annual celebrations include open air concerts, flamboyant parades and copious amounts of Welsh food and drink!

Everybody loves a celebration, a traditional event, so what better way to increase sales? Embrace the Welsh tradition and celebrate St. David’s day in style. Turn your business into a festival of daffodils, flaunt your leeks and promote Welsh themed produce.

If your are in the restaurant trade, advertise your promotions with an economic printed banner, serving traditional Glamorgan sausages, Cawl and Welsh cakes all to be washed down with good ole Brains beer! (Recipes below).

Daffodils are perfect for adding to a garden centres, greengrocers and even delicatessen as well as increasing your range in Welsh made food such as Welsh made corned beef pasties and chicken & leek pies.

Butchers, food outlets and farm shops should stock Glamorgan sausages and Edwards of Conwy bangers, sales have known to increase by 700% in comparison to previous months.

As you can see from just a few of my suggestions St. David’s day really is a calendar event that your business cannot afford to miss, make this an annual event in your promotional calendar and watch your sales grow year on year.

Recipes, courtesy of