Maximum Merchandising

Hopefully after my last blog you are now well and truly shouting from the hilltops about your Christmas & New Year promotions and events, so what better time to focus on your product merchandising.

The easiest and most economical way to display products is to use your existing space. Maximise your window space, be creative and innovative. Our most universal merchandising products are our rustic wooden display crates, we have a few different styles to suit your brand from recycled well used crates to freshly manufactured versions.

The use for our crates are endless and below are a few photographs showing successful merchandising of various products. Fat Face have chosen to use their crates to add interest to their beach shack theme, Cath Kidston have painted the insides of their crates and used them as unique shelving, meanwhile Jessops wanted to create a vintage window and requested that the crates needed to be ancient, the older the better!

Successful merchandising’s only limit is your imagination! To encourage potential clients to browse your store you need an interesting window that grabs attention quickly. Don’t be too complicated or fussy, it doesn’t work, the three photos below are very different and very simple but each encourages curiosity which in turn brings inquisitive clients through the door.

Remember your window’s job is to advertise, so make sure it’s earning it’s wage and if you need any help give us a call, 01353 665141

window crate displays