Happy Holidays!

With Halloween & Guy Fawkes a distant memory it is now time to focus on Christmas, the big season for celebrations, that means spending money and getting merry. Not you, your customers!

But how do you get them to part with their hard earned cash? Simple you entice them! You notify them about up coming events, opportunities, parties not to be missed.

How do you do that? Easy with the help of BHMA’s Marketing Store.

Everyone knows the origination of Christmas and why we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but not many of your customers know you’re now serving mulled wine or are selling gift vouchers. This time of year really is an opportunity that no business can afford to miss.  Make use of every blank canvas you have, whether it is a plain glass window, an outside pavement, a tatty old chalk board or a car park wall, use it or you may lose it!

One of the most economical and easiest ways to advertise is with a printed PVC banner providing you have the space to hang it, if not have a chat with your friendly local businesses, it may pay to share the space and for £2.00 per square foot it shouldn’t take you long to get a return on your investment.

Why not bring out the artist in yourself and treat yourself to our specially selected Christmas chalkpens.  A pack of 8 pens with plenty of gold & silver, great for writing festive messages on mirrors, chalkboards and windows. Don’t despair if you struggle a little we also supply Christmas stencils to make life a little easier!

Good luck with your advertising! Remember we’re only a phone call away if you need any assistance, 01353 665141Untitled-1