How to Wear Your Advert!

This is one of our simple ways to get your adverts noticed & increase footfall into your business. More customers equal more sales equal more profit!

Follow this link for more information about Adwalker – the Wearable Advertising! Please visit.

All the best of Luck, Patrick Huggins, Director for BHMA Limited.

Video Transcript
Adwalker Welcome to BHMA
Presenting the BHMA Adwalker This is Marlon showing how easy it is to advertise with the Adwalker. Three individual A2 size posters are displayed at once.
Inserting posters is easy too! Snap open the frame and remove the anti-glagre cover.
Insert a poster in each frame and replace the anti-glare cover.
Snap down the frame edges and that’s it! Let’s have a look.
These are the shoulder and waist straps, comfortable, and fully adjustable.
Marlon will turn in a moment to show a black panel on the reverse that is customisable. So, that’s as easy as it is, No fuss advertising, On the street, Getting noticed with the BHMA Adwalker Thanks for watching, if you would like some discount, order at and use the code YouTube at the checkout.