What is a Tag Fixing on a Menu Cover?

(This is one of our most common and frequent questions!)

There are several ways in which a menu cover can retain your printed menus, hopefully this section will make it a little clearer for you and help you decide.

First let me introduce our tag fixings. This is simply a cord that holds a double clear pocket in place allowing you to insert your printed pages, the benefit of tag fixings is that the pockets constantly remain in place (unless you remove them!).  You can quickly add and remove your menu pages as you need.



This next picture demonstrates our ‘corner retainer’ fixing method, perfect for when just two viewing sides are needed although we can offer more if required. The menu is held in place with each corner offering a simply and stylish solution for two pieces of paper.

Corner retainer menu cover folder

Elasticated tag fixings are shown in this menu folder, perfect for holding paper without the need for plastic pockets.  The paper simply slips behind the elasticated cord, ideally suited for just one piece of paper, our image shows A4 being used in a 1/2 A4 Portrait Menu Cover.

elasticated tag menu cover folder

Our most popular selling menu cover is our folder with external screw fixings.  The screws are available in a choice of gold or silver and look fantastic with gold and silver printing. The benefits of this fixing method is that the pockets remain in place and it is only the menu that is changed which is a very quick and simple job.

menu cover folder showing external screw fixings

Menu covers are usually one of the first impressions your guest will receive, you will have guided them to their tables, taken a drinks order and left them with your menu.  They will examine your menu from front to back including the cover! Make sure you make the right impression and leave them with a quality cover they will be impressed with but at the same time choose wisely, think about how often you change your menu, the image you are trying to portray and the environment it is used in.

I hope this section has been helpful but if you require any further advice please call our sales team on 01353 665141, they are experts on menu covers, folders and fixing methods, they are also happy to help and awaiting your call!