Our Banners Just Got Cheaper!!! £2.00 Per Square Foot*

Our banners are digitally printed using the latest large format PVC printers. These large format digital printers allow the banners to be unique and personalised whilst being very cost-effective.

We print with UV-based inks onto our standard banner-grade material of 440gsm Vinyl, making our banners completely weather-proof , strong and durable to withstand prolonged outdoor use. Our banners are perfect for birthdays, parties, corporate events, street campaigns/events, sporting events, advertising, etc.

We also print onto premium 720gsm material for double sided banners, 340gsm Mesh PVC for building wraps and you can choose to have your banner finished in numerous ways.

As standard, we finish with hems and eyelets which allows for easy securing of the banner, as well as the extra strength around the edges, although another popular finish is to sew the edge of the banner over to form a sleeve in which a pole can be inserted. We also supply freestanding banner frames for mounting you banner

Banner Frames

We have finished banners in all shapes and sizes, from triangles to circles, to cutting arch-ways for people to walk-though. If you have a project with a finish that is a bit more specialised, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

*Excluding VAT and Carraiage

Article by Nikki Slade, Sales Director at BHMA.



Create VIP Areas With Rope Stands

Gold Rope StandsThe Olympics may be a distant memory but our Gold Rope Stands aren’t! BHMA were proud suppliers to London 2012 and have seen high demand ever since, so we have them available for next day delivery for our valued customers.

Rope Stands are perfect for creating VIP areas, and controlling queues and crowds, ensuring your guests venture where you would like them to and not where they would!

Rope Stands are available in gold to offer the look of brass but without the price (and the cleaning!) and also in polished chrome, both are available with matching twisted and velvet ropes and suitable for internal and external use.

Make sure you don’t let the side down and order yours today!

Article by Nikki Slade, Sales Director at BHMA.

Tips to Build Your Business Through Effective, SMART, Promotions.

EaziWipe Sandwich BoardTo get the maximum from your promotions they need to be SMART:-


Know precisely what you want from your promotion and how you are going to run it. Try to plan as much detail in advance as possible.


You need to be able to evaluate the success of your promotion, so if you can identify your position before you run the promotion, you will be able to see better if you have achieved your objectives afterwards.


Be realistic about what you will get from the promotion.


Make sure the promotion is appropriate to your consumers and/or your potential consumers.


Set yourself a start and end date or time. This will allow you to measure volumes/profit.

And finally…
If it works, consider running it again.
If it doesn’t work, do not despair! Maybe try the same promotion but with a different offer/prize to test what motivates your consumers. Alternatively put it down to experience and try another promotion on a small scale to start with and see if that works instead.

Patrick Huggins – Director